"Specpozhtekh" held a fire presentation for the Chinese petrochemical corporation "SINOPEC"

On September 25 this year, "Spetspozhtech" held a fire presentation for representatives of the Chinese Oil and Chemical Corporation Sinopek (China Petroleum&Chemical Corporation SINOPEC).

For the presentation, models of the screens "Sogda" 3, "Sogda" 1B and "Sogda" 1A.01 were used. The guests had the opportunity to safely pass through the corridor, enveloped in fire from both sides. The head of the delegation, Yang Yun Xin, a senior expert of the corporation in the field of safety and environmental protection, took a direct part in extinguishing the fire.

SINOPEC is one of the largest Chinese state–owned companies. Specializes in the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, processing and sale of petroleum products and petrochemical products.
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