The usage of “Sogda” panels in the fire towers

One of the main tasks of the fire monitor operator during large fires in the reservoirs is to cool down the equipment to prevent it from fire. In this case, thermal protection like the “Sogda” 2A heat shield is not enough, because the monitor can be directed away from the fire, and the operator is not protected from thermal injury.

This problem can be solved by using “Sogda” heat protecting panels, mounted on fire towers. The panels are hung and fixed to the rail/walling bracket or can be moved with travel guides. To protect himself, the operator moves the panel easily, depending on the direction of the heat flow.

Firefighters on a fire motor ladder or a lift are protected in a similar way. The panels protect the firefighter who approaches the fire source (such as a burning apartment). The panels can be easily moved, allowing the firefighter to penetrate into the premises or evacuate the victims.

The number of panels on towers and fire cradles may vary depending on the tasks and other conditions.