The “Sogda” fire barriers

The “SOGDA” FIRE BARRIERS allow flame localization with temperature up to 1800°C, withstand heat fluxes above 220 kW/m2 and reduce heat flux levels more than 50 times.

Fire barriers consist of mesh panels formed by two parallel metal surfaces, which are sprayed with water or non-freezing liquids (for cold climates) through special nozzles.

Barriers have been tested to fire protection of tanks for petroleum derivative with capacity up to 20,000 m3.

The uniqueness of the “Sogda” heat barriers and the area of their application

  • Don’t get destroyed in case of explosions as the explosive wave passes through the mesh. Water films are formed again owing to sprayed water and heat barriers continuously protect from fire.
  • Are able to divide the indoor area on fire compartments.
  • Shorten distances between fire hazardous objects.
  • Essential on offshore oil and gas platforms, ships. Safety zones for personnel or passengers can be assembled using fire barriers.
  • Applicable for fire protection of tanks with petroleum derivatives (are able to protect containers with fire-extinguishing agents).

Use of “Sogda” fire barriers during the extinguishing of a tank on fire