Gas cloud dissipator

Based on Heat Resistant Configurations a fundamentally new device type developed to increase fire safety of facilities engaged in liquefaction, storage and use of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

“SpecPozhTech” has a patent for a newly invented device — the Dissipator for providing fire safety for facilities engaged in liquefaction, storage and use of LNG.

The uniqueness of the Dissipator is described in the following situations

  • In case of LNG inflammation, it localizes flames with a temperature up to 1800°C, withstands heat flows over 220kW/m2 and reduces these flows more than 50 times.
  • In case of an accidental gas leak, it prevents gas accumulation to its explosive limit concentration and protects from a large-scale emergency.
  • In case of a gas explosion, this device does not get destroyed as the blast wave passes through the mesh panels, and thus all fire properties of the device are preserved.

Prospects and Recommendations

The dissipator is a highly efficient item that prevents accidental propagation accompanied by liquefied gas leakage out of a ground-based tank into a large-scale emergency situation with the formation of fire-and-explosion hazardous gas clouds and the destruction of gas-containing tanks. Usage of the dissipator will substantially increase the fire safety of facilities engaged in LNG production, storage and processing. The dissipator can be used to ensure the fire safety of low-volume ground-based tanks mounted at various enterprises and in inhabited localities. The device is indispensable for facilities remote from fire-fighting stations equipped with specialized fire extinguishing means.

Gas Cloud Dissipator Based on Heat Resistant Configurations

Gas dissipation in case of gas accident leak

Fire localization in case of inflammation of LNG leak