The “Sogda” 4 Heat Shield
Height (mm) +/- 10 2258
Length (mm) +/- 10 1880
Width (mm) +/- 10 1590
Weight (kg) (not more) 500
Max heat flow value (kWt/m2) up to 60
Heat flow decrease ratio, times not less 50
Rate of water flow for the shield working, (l/sec), not less 0,6


The heat shield was designed for ensuring thermal protection of people, fire-extinguishing machinery and equipment during operations for eliminating emergencies involving an oil and gas gusher. Also, in case of an explosion, they provide mechanical protection of the personnel against possible injuries by fragments of processing equipment.

These shields are placed around a burning flowing, whereas the water, supplied via the nozzles, detaches the flame from the wellhead allowing the user to carryout emergency-eliminating operations without resort to echelon protection.