The “Sogda” 3 Heat Shield
Height (mm) +/- 10 2125
Length (mm) +/- 10 1990
Width (mm) +/- 10 1066
Weight (kg) (not more) 80
Max heat flow value (kWt/m2) up to 60
Heat flow decrease ratio, times not less 50
Rate of water flow for the shield working, (l/sec), not less 0,45


This mobile shield is meant for both firefighters protection during fire-extinguishing operations and protecting equipment, buildings and people from thermal radiation. Using the shield protection allows the user to fulfill urgent work on equipment during a fire.

The shields permit mounting thermal protection walls or passages for the safe evacuation of people from the fire zone. The shield construction allows the use of both manual firefighting hose nozzles, supplying continual and atomized water jet, and foam generators during fire-extinguishing operations.