The “Sogda” 1B Heat Shield (named after Hero of Russia E.N. Chernyshev)
Height (mm) +/- 10 1763
Length (mm) +/- 10 748
Width (mm) +/- 10 436
Weight (kg) (not more) 12
Max heat flow value (kWt/m2) up to 60
Heat flow decrease ratio, times not less 50
Rate of water flow for the shield working, (l/sec), not less 0,2


This is a portable foldout shield meant for the individual thermal protection of the firefighter carrying-out his operational activities using a manual firefighting hose nozzle. Its low weight and the compactness of the shield make this protective device the most convenient during fire extinguishing in residential and office buildings and other premises as well as open territory.

The shield is transported and stored in a special case. The shield casing easily fits in a fire-fighting vehicle compartment and, if needed, can be transported on the rear seat or in a car baggage compartment.