The “Sogda” 1A Heat Shield
Height (mm) +/- 10 2080
Length (mm) +/- 10 1415
Width (mm) +/- 10 410
Weight (kg) (not more) 40
Max heat flow value  (kWt/m2) up to 60
Heat flow decrease ratio, times not less 50
Rate of water flow for the shield working, (l/sec), not less 0,4


The “Sogda” 1A shield protects a two-man fire crew from large-scale heat flux. Firefighters can fulfill fire extinguishing as well as execute search-and-rescue works.

The heat shield is equipped with wheels for it to be displaced. A fire engine or a trailer should be used for transportation of the shields to the fire source.

The new model — “Sogda” 1A.01. With this portable shield, firefighters can use both a hand fire nozzle and a portable fire monitor (through a special window in the lower part of the shield).

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The “Sogda” 1A.01 Heat Shield