Mobile “Sogda” fire extinguishing complex
Height (mm) +/- 10 2050
Length (mm) +/- 10 1560
Width (mm) +/- 10 1530
Weight (kg) (not more) 180
Max heat flow value (kWt/m2) up to 60
Heat flow decrease ratio, times not less 50
Rate of water flow for the shield working, (l/sec), not less 0,25


It is meant for allocating and extinguishing the flame base in its initial stage by the personnel of a fire-hazardous facility (e.g. gas filling station) prior to fire brigade arrival. It is equipped with a thermal protection shield and the required primary fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, a hook, a felt mat, etc.). The shield can work with water from an outer water-supply source (via a fire-hose) or can be operated in a free running mode.