General information and specifications

„Sogda” heat shields are a brand new product based on the unique innovative technology of the radical decrease of heat flux.

The shields’ know-how and technology are protected by several patents in Russia and abroad, including the UK, France, Germany, Italy and China.

The shield is constructed of a metal skeleton and two mesh panels which are sprayed by water using special nozzles.

The „Sogda” shields provide a 50-times heat flux reduction due to thermophysical and optical effects. The shields are intended to withstand heat flux densities of up to 60 kW/m2* and allow the user to localize the flame with a temperature of up to 12000C.

*maximum allowable value of the heat flow for firefighters in special clothing without additional protective equipment — 4.2 kW/m2.

Uniqueness of the shields

Decreasing heat flux no less than 50 times

  • ensuring equipment and personnel protection from thermal exposure even during large-scale fires; reducing fire extinction time due to cutting down the distance to the combustion source and the more effective use of fire-extinguishing agents; reducing consumption of these agents.

Full protection from open flame

  • creating the possibility to evacuate people from the fire zone using passages made up of the shields and assembling the fencing to stop the fire spreading.

Unlimited operating time during firefighting

  • while people and machinery work in extreme thermal conditions and fire exposure conditions.

Providing the visibility of burning objects via the shield

  • that allows the monitoring of the situation in the fire zone and making quick decisions.

Application area

The shields can be used during fire extinguishing at oil-and-gas, fuel, chemical, timber and woodworking industry facilities, power engineering, metallurgy and mechanical engineering enterprises, in residential and office buildings. They can be used when extinguishing aircraft post-accident fires and fires in subways

„SpecPozhTech” manufactures portable, mobile and stationary shield models. The shields are rated at working with the heat flows of up to 220 kW/m2 density. Depending on the shield model, the water flow rate is 0.2–0.6 L/sec at a working pressure of 0.4–0.6 МPа.

Technical requirements 4854-003-19202261-2011. The shields can be manufactured in compliance with individual orders depending on application purposes.

Parameters of „Sogda” Heat Shields

Naming Height, mm +/- 10 Length, mm +/- 10 Width, mm +/- 10 Weight, kg, not more Max. heat flow value (kW/m²) Heat flow decrease ratio, times not less Rate of water flow for the shield working, (l/sec), not less
„Sogda” 1A 2080 1415 410 40 up to 60 50 0.4
„Sogda” 2A 2125 1415 330 40 up to 60 50 0.4
„Sogda” 3 2125 1990 1066 80 up to 60 50 0.45
„Sogda” 4 2258 1880 1590 500 up to 60 50 0.6
„Sogda” 1B* (named after E.N. Chernyshev) 1763 748 436 12 up to 60 50 0.2
„Sogda” complex 2050 1560 1530 180 up to 60 50 0.25

* previous name — „Sogda” 1a.11